Richard S. Waguespack, Ph.D., LCSW

Richard is the author of the forthcoming book Being Becoming: Integrative Theory and online CE course Being and Systems: Paradigms for Social Workers and Other Medical Professionals
Dr. Waguespack is an experienced Counselor,  Educator, Consultant and Coach with an academic Ph.D. in Cultural Clinical Psychology, Warnborough College (2004), Masters in Social Work (Gerontology), Louisiana State University (1988) and B.A. in Theology, Spring Hill College (1983).  He also obtained additional coursework in Education, Science and Math when working on the following Texas teaching certificates valid from  2008-2014: 8-12 Science (Comprehensive), 8-12 Health Science Technology, 8-12 Social Studies, EC-12 Special Education, 4-8 Generalist and EC-4 Generalist
Richard has been an LCSW since 1992 and has worked in OK, TX, AL and SC.  He has  extensive counseling experience in variety of environments including psychiatric and geriatric settings, private practice and Church.   
Dr. Waguespack has worked successfully with patients and clients of all ages and backgrounds, offering services ranging from counseling at risk children and teens to treating patients with Dissociative Disorders and other mental illness.  Over last few years he has been employed in nursing home counseling and consulting.
Richard is the author of forthcoming book Being Becoming: Integrative Theory and Online CE course: Being and Systems: Paradigms for Social Workers and Other Medical Professionals.  This work has a Christian genesis and is purposed for transformative and reformative Interdisciplinary education in healthcare and other venues.
Richard and his son Stephen enjoy rafting and kayaking

Dr. Waguespack has been a CE Provider authorized by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners since 1998.  He has substantial experience providing both continuing education and academic courses for college credit.

He was an Adjunct College Teacher in South Carolina from 1989-2006.  He taught Into To Sociology at the University of South Carolina Spartanburg and the following undergraduate courses through upstate locations of the Limestone College Block Program:  Introduction to Social Work, Social Work Interventions With Individuals and Families, Social Welfare Programs and Policies, Social Work Research, Group Dynamics, Human Development, Field Placement Supervision and Senior Seminar.

Other teaching experience (1998-2006) includes developing and facilitating continuing education courses in Cultural-Clinical Psychology for mental health professionals  through Waguespack Seminars and partners in academia / healthcare.  These included  Texas State San Marcos, Austin Community College Health Professions Institute and others.  Dr. Waguespack also accepted an unsolicited grant to provide continuing education for geriatric nurses in Georgetown Texas through the Texas Workforce Commission (2005).

Richard was a substitute ISD high school teacher from 2004-2007 in several TX school districts in San Antonio and Amarillo.  He taught  Rocketry and Aeronautics for almost a semester at Kruger Middle School K-SAT Program (fall 2006), Health Science Technology at Reagan High School for about two months in the spring 2007, and a variety of other assignments at all levels, primarily primarily in venues of science, math and special education.

After substitute work ended in the spring of 2007, Dr. Waguespack taught Health Science Technology (2007-08) through San Marcos High School, Chemistry and Physics (2008-09) through Tulia High School and American and World History (2009-10) through Dalhart High School.  

In 2010 Richard returned to counseling work, primarily in gerontology but also served patients and clients in other categories including Coaching and Career Development.   By the end of 2012, he decided to consolidate a lifetime of education and experience and initiate a new round of thinking, research and  writing which has generated the forthcoming book Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms and the current online course Being and Systems: Paradigms for Social Workers and Other Health Professionals.  He also has blogged a number of articles which are available on this website.  They should be of interest to Medical Professionals, Educators, Scientists, Philosophers, Theologians, Pastors, Artists and many others.


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