Richard S. Waguespack, Ph.D., LCSW

Welcome to BEING BECOMING, a unique portal of articles, education and services surrounding the interdisciplinary study of BEING from a Christian perspective!  Visitors can expect to find themes pertaining to Ontology -- the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming and existence.   This work covers interior dynamics of individuals - from physiology to spirituality as well as related environments and their systems. 

Our community seeks to identify and examine  variables that promote or detract from spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, vocational and physical health and well being.  Challenges for corporate success, individual transitions and holistic personal adjustment throughout the lifespan are considered part of this focus.

Join me in preparing the launch of Being Becoming: Integrative Theory -- the first book from the planned Being Becoming Series. Already available from Waguespack Seminars is a closely related online course: Being and Systems: Paradigms For Social Workers and Other Healthcare Professionals.  Finally, online, phone and in person local support from New Life Coaching will soon be available. 

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Richard Waguespack’s Reaction To Dr. Leon Eisenburg’s Deathbed Reflections on ADD / ADHD

Commentary on suppressed Eisenburg “Deathbed Reflections” on ADD/ADHD” and closely related Kagan Interview on ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDERS By Richard Waguespack, Ph.D., LCSW  Very recently a very informative and responsible article on Dr. Eisenburg, a man accepted by some as the ‘Father of ADHD’ was published by and yet was removed even before I

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Blogging About Graviton, Quantum Physics, Questions About Validity In Approaches

To:  Waguespack-Seminars Bloggers: From: Myself AND A “third party” (friend) sent me the following article for comment. QUANTUM GRAVITY: THE MISSING GAP IN PHYSICS My (Richard Waguespack’s) response This article to follow in preparation of a response is slightly dated but relevant. After reading, I have a number of thoughts and responses but in

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