Intersecting Healthcare, Ontology and Epistemology

Richard Waguespack, Ph.D., LCSW

Welcome to BEING BECOMING, a unique portal of articles, education and services surrounding the interdisciplinary study of BEING from a Christian perspective!  Visitors can expect to find themes interfacing with Ontology — the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming and existence.   This work seeks to identify and examine variables that promote or detract from spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, vocational and physical well being with a special focus on the intersection between Healthcare, Ontology and Epistemology.  

Join me in launching my forthcoming book, Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms and online multimedia course through WAGUESPACK SEMINARS: Being and Systems: Paradigms For Social Workers and Other Medical Professionals.  These offerings purpose to integrate key conduits in philosophy, science, mental health, healthcare, ethics and aesthetics with the purpose of improving the learner’s capacity to influence the fabric of modern thought. In both works, learners will discover a developmental orientation that examines the basis of potentiality and essence of personhood in a wide variety of contexts.  

One overarching goal is to fortify principled individuals to improve and correct pedagogy pertaining to psychology, social work and health science education. Another is to address theory and evident “working assumptions” that affect law, policy, and organizational dynamics in a wide variety of contexts to include business and industry.

Finally, NEW LIFE COACHING offers select clients insightful support to successfully navigate critical life challenges, transitions and adjustments.   More can be found by visiting the website. One may also be interested in attending MEETUPS [Christian Writers, Thinkers and Activity Seekers or the Personal Development Club in central Oklahoma] or special annual retreats that will likely be offered in the relatively near future.

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Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms [Preliminary Unedited Version]

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