As I work to publish Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms it is becoming evident that Three Essence Theory and other constructs discussed cross a major threshold.  No longer the offspring of any single discipline, they have taken on a unique, interdisciplinary quality – “integrative paradigms” in service of Developmental Metaphysics.  This may call for a change in the title:  Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms For Developmental Metaphysics.

Observers may say that advanced phenomenology and at least some forms of existentialism could also be classified as Developmental Metaphysics and they may have a point.  However, I have never encountered material that described these fields in those terms even though that may have been the less than fully conscious intent of some thinkers. Perhaps it is more accurate to say these venues were precursors to Developmental Metaphysics.

I offer Developmental Metaphysics as an emerging subfield set up to integrate select components of various disciplines within the context and nomenclature of Metaphysics and modern Epistemology of Interdisciplinarity.

It is through this corridor that medicine, psychology, social work, occupational therapy, systems theory in business and other venues can be both enriched and guided on a path that is more in sync with the Judeo-Christian foundations of western society.  There is also room for careful and selective integration of experience and knowledge from sources outside this framework that do not contradict the core foundations..

The power of Developmental Metaphysics is its capacity to field an interdisciplinary mission, that is, to tether the less abstract constructs from other disciplines to a higher order of thought developed to guide and sustain them in an optimal way.  This includes nurturing a pedagogical and practice mindset that is not prone to be oppressed by approaches in Philosophy, Science, Medicine and Psychology that discount the existence of realities outside of three dimensions or the need for adequate Ontological, Moral and Spiritual reference.

Conversely, the mission is to create concepts, constructs, theories and paradigms so powerful as to eclipse and subordinate those approaches traditionally imposed by materialists and to selectively supplant them in favor of more holistic and relevant frames of reference.   In addition, Developmental Metaphysics is a sustainable platform to offer improvements to long existing constructs such as Cartesian Dualism in a way which does not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Soon to be published, Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms [For Developmental Metaphysics] takes on this challenge by offering some new concepts to reconstruct entrenched fabrics no longer amenable to a broader integration helpful to Theology and other disciplines.

In sum, we can begin by contemplating Developmental Metaphysics with the following tenants:

1.  Best understood as a distinctly interdisciplinary field with unique scope and frames of reference.

2.  Requires reference to Ontology. 

3.  Must meet certain litmus tests of reason, cohesion and epistemological integrity.

4.  Requires an understanding of the quest for advanced performance, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional growth, as well as the rationale supporting aspiration and achievement.


“The word ‘metaphysics’ is derived from a collective title of the fourteen books by Aristotle that we currently think of as making up Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Aristotle himself did not know the word. (He had four names for the branch of philosophy that is the subject-matter of Metaphysics: ‘first philosophy’, ‘first science’, ‘wisdom’, and ‘theology’.) At least one hundred years after Aristotle’s death, an editor of his works (in all probability, Andronicus of Rhodes  titled those fourteen books “Ta meta ta phusika”—“the after the physicals” or “the ones after the physical ones”—the “physical ones” being the books contained in what we now call Aristotle’s Physics.”

van Inwagen, Peter and Sullivan, Meghan. (Spring, 2018). “Metaphysics”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Edward N. Zalta (ed.).  Retrieved from https://plato.stanford.edu/archives/spr2018/entries/metaphysics.

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