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Consider consultation from a well informed generalist to address your entire situation through extended collaboration involving counseling, coaching, research and other kinds of special support.  Let us join together to assess the variables of your life and consider various courses of action to bring about the best balanced outcome.  My goal is to help you and your loved one’s make the best decisions – with no regrets.  This means choosing the right place to relocate as well as advancing in the best way(s) once you get there.

Richard S. Waguespack, Ph.D., LCSW

It is difficult to know what to do when the treacherous  are determined to rule and dominate without principle.  When mob rule seeks to assert itself and prevail at all costs, no longer can the offended culture rest in peace.  No longer can they carry basic assumptions about life and human decency.  Everything must change.  Loss is difficult, but hope prevails where good will finds a way!  A new planting, a better day – far away.


I encourage you to contact me today.  We can begin with a preliminary free consultation.  If we pursue a working partnership, my role with you will be multifaceted.  My orientation will be to help as much as possible – focused on discovering an optimal direction with your best interest at heart – to help you align with your best options  – to explore many of the most viable possibiities — for yourself and those close to you – ongoing consultation – with follow up effort on both ends – yours and mine, really good things can happen, including identifying your best options and ways to best line up with them.

Surely you are motivated to take a close, fresh look at your capacities, resources, will to pursue this or that goal or objective, new marketplaces, schools, matching opportunities and much more.  You must also be looking for a credible source that is not overly specialized in order to help you integrate a number of life dimensions.  You are looking for someone with knowledge of ‘externals’ (and motivation to participate in responsive, responsible research and careful reflection) as well as offer coaching and counseling expertise to bring about healing and functional self knowledge.

As a counselor (Licensed Clinical Social Worker with other advanced credentials) I can help you and yours work through the trauma of loss and transition and the challenge of becoming the best YOU in new circumstances!  I want this transition to eventually be looked on as a blessing, in spite of the realization that sometimes, the bigger the loss the more difficult it is to recover emotionally and psychologically.

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The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

There is always a chance the UN or even US could step in and save South Africa from Communist forces, but I do not think that will happen easily.





South African whites, particularly those in agriculture and a number of related sensitive industries are moving out of the country for good reason – it’s just not safe anymore and the future looks bleak. Even those in unmolested walks of life may find a happy existence in South Africa to be unsustainable.  The big question is where to transplant?  The US?  Australia?  New Zealand?  Europe?  Canada?   Brazil?  So many variables to sort through!  Family, friends, the prospect of making new friends and adjusting to new communities, work, investments, retirement, young people in the younger generations starting new careers and much more!  Often families may need to make “composite decisions” for joint relocation(s) together.  Thankfully, modern technology affords us with tools for video conferencing to help move processes forward, as well as ongoing texting and other modes of communication. 

An assessment of the recent ideas posted by the Australian Farm Institute very much leans towards the position that in general it better to farm in the US than in Australia.  The US is far from perfect, but for the right people, it is the right choice.  Many people who will move here from South Africa may very well wish to be involved in farming, ranching and related industries.  Others may wish to pursue a totally different course of action.  In many cases, some family members may have one idea and others something else entirely.

My name is Richard Waguespack.  I grew up on the New Orleans’ northshore and was influenced by family that was involved in urban, suburban and rural real estate as well as agriculture in remote places.  My father grew up in uptown New Orleans, but elected to attend LSU to get an agriculture degree.  He worked for a time with the United Fruit Company in Cuba (1958-60).  After being forced to leave Cuba because of the savagery of Fidel Castro, He became a farmer in Mississippi and later a realtor in the family business that covered a rather large territory – southeastern Louisiana.  His role was to serve metro New Orleans’ north Shore – extending into the countryside with many rural listings.   For several years after graduating from college, I joined my father in his real business and then went on to get advanced credentials in counseling, education and more. 

I understand what a real estate relocation service is all about, but I am not affiliated with any real estate company or service.  What I offer is holistic TRANSITIONAL LIFE COACHING that may require a very broad knowledge real estate, farming and other business knowledge, an understanding of demographics and variables that may weigh on a decision to relocate to the United States.  I also have been in counseling and education for years and view the world from a Christian perspective.  If you are considering relocation out of South Africa you have many choices, but not unlimited knowledge, awareness, insight or time.  You may also be working under considerable duress and not able to think as clearly as you would like in order to make the best decisions.  You probably need substantial help to make the best decisions at this critical interval in your life!

Currently, I live in Oklahoma, between Oklahoma City, OK and Amarillo, TX.  Dallas is a little more than 4 hours away to the east and the Rocky Mountains roughly the same distance westward.  I have also lived or worked in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  In addition, I am somewhat familiar with Arkansas, Florida, New Mexico, Kansas, Eastern Colorado and Tennessee and have considerable frame of reference to discuss all areas in the US and select parts of the Caribbean, Canada, Alaska, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Ireland and other parts of Europe.  I know a little something about Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Central America and South Africa.

Displacement is painful.  However, a well planned move to the US could quickly dissipate the pains of financial loss, family concerns, strains in relationships and many other concerns.

Those who are very well off, obviously have a different set of opportunities and priorities than those who are less so.  However, sometimes it is better to come into a lesser known area with much cheaper land prices and taxes than to buy out a large farm in a very expensive area like California.  Obviously there are many variables to consider, but low stress, lower overhead and healthy communities that care about God and Christian values can go a long way to bring about peace of mind and a beautiful legacy.  Making transitions and planning for the future can be quite overwhelming.  Feel free to text me anytime to arrange a free consult.  1-918-208-1615 or email

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Families that farm together stay together.  Praying together is a great way to find God’s special will for each, to include being apart but together in heart.

Families visit their loved ones on the farm have a place to escape their city jobs.  The best setup will likely require careful planning.

Today’s young people from industrialized societies are very mobile. Older and younger people seeing the need to move out of South Africa need to think about the ramifications of their choices for future generations. This means doing some assessments of cultures and subcultures and many other exercises of mind and heart.

Which is a better place to live?  Australia or the US?

The Australian Farm Institute seems to suggest that it is better to farm (or own a farm) in the US for a number of reasons, including better subsidies My thought is the best security for some may be a combination of agriculture and wind farming in the right locations. In this way, there are two industries serving your family instead of just one.

Some from South Africa may prefer Australia or some other place for other reasons, but there are more choices in the US, beautiful scenery and many opportunities.   There is a way to line up with a situation that suits your beliefs, interests and needs.  Australia may provide a few more financial incentives for certain people, like those who want a higher minimum wage. 


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Thank you for your visit to New Life Coaching!


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